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Linda Li, MD

Expert in Pain Management

Linda Li, MD is a board certified pain management specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. she has 25 years experience to take care patients with pain, fibromyalgia, pain medication problem, and emotional problems resulted from pain.

She helps patients searching causes of their pain by providing comprehensive tests, from neurotransmitter testing, Environmental toxin testing, nutrition status evaluation, food sensitivity testing, adrenal function testing to hormone level evaluation.

Professional Education


Bachelor Degree in Medicine

Sun Yat-Sen university school of medicine

Master degree in Neuroscience

Sun Yat-Sen university school of medicine

Surgery Residency

University of South Alabama

Physical medicine and rehabilitation residence

University of Chicago program at Schwab rehabilitation hospital

Professional Experience

Linda Li, MD was founder of Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center, Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center at Chicago, integrative medical pain clinic. She has been serving more than 5000 patient in Great Chicago and Rockford region in last decade

Linda Li, MD specializes in ligaments non-surgery repair by using prolotherapy, platelets rich plasma injection (PRP).

She does clerical and lumbar epidural steroid injection, Synvisc injection for degenerative knee arthritis treatment .

Linda Li, MD also offers Cosmetic injections, Like botox for wrinkles reduction, Kybella for double chin reduction, integrative medicine, functional medicine, Anti Aging service in her practice .

Dr. Li is accepting new patients now.

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